August 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to August! Wanted to thank all of you that continue to support me through correspondence and coming to see me play at my shows. I’ve met some wonderful people and that’s what makes being an artist so rewarding; sharing a love of music!

Q & A with Lindsey

  • Q: At what age did you start playing guitar?

  • A: 12 years old!

  • Q: If you could open for an artist, who would it be?

  • A: Arianna Grande, for sure!

  • Q: When is “ROTW” returning?

  • A: Hoping to make some more videos this month.


  • Very excited to be working on my “Passion Project” as LZ!

  • Trip to Denmark! I’ve been blessed to have been offered an opportunity to teach a writing workshop for high school students. The people that invited me reached out about a year ago after seeing my Porcupine Tree cover on YouTube! I’m so excited to share some tips and tricks for fighting off writers block, and how to use unconventional tools to be creative. And following the classes, I’ve been asked to play a set of my original songs at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival and Musik Til Roen (music festival in Lolland).