Thoughts on Travel

Every place feels different, and every place feels the same in some way. Some places are fancy and some are simple, but every shopping plaza in America has a Walmart or a Target. Some places have more traffic than others, but every state has that guy who tries to get there faster, only to get stuck at the same light. Some places are not so modern, but anywhere you go you'll see someone looking at their smart phone while they should be doing something else.

All these different people are in different places for different reasons, and they live lives that are all so differently the same.

Depending on where you go the world can seem really big, or really small. Sometimes, the same place can feel big at one time and small at another. Like when you get lost, then someone draws you a map. Or when you're feeling lonely, then you make a new friend. A confusing place is suddenly not confusing when you make a new friend - or maybe it is still confusing except now it's the exciting kind of confusion.

I keep thinking how good it'll be to sleep in my own bed, but I know pretty soon I'll be anxious to get on the road again.