We’ve all experienced it, and we all dread it: That awkward date that just keeps being awkward and doesn’t stop being awkward no matter what you do. It usually involves fidgeting with the napkins or playing a quick game of chess with the salt and pepper shakers… For some of you, it may even involve making a sneaky escape out the bathroom window. You know who you are ;). Anyway, This song I wrote called Middle Name involves the horrific dating experiences of young adulthood. But if what they say is true about how “high school never ends”, then this one goes out to all the single ladies (and gent’s too!)So what made me write this song? It’s that one experience that I’m pretty sure 90% of women experience at least once in their lifetime. It happens during that time when you suddenly discover that you’re not as gangly and as awkward as you used to be, and you start noticing that you can’t get away with wearing certain clothes anymore without your mom stopping you in the driveway yelling “Aren’t you gonna wear something over that top?! It’s too revealing!”. It’s the same year that guys start to notice you.
 I was blessed and cursed with a guy who pined over me. It was all very flattering until the day I realized that just because a boy gives you a lot of attention and says nice things about you doesn’t mean that he has your best interest in mind. Don’t get me wrong, this entry is not intended to bash on the guys! I’ll be the first to admit girls can be just as bad, only in different, trickier ways (which in my opinion, can be much worse). But, there have been a few guys that I involved myself with long enough to realize that they weren’t really attracted to me, but rather what I could do for them. Their words said that they “loved” me more than anyone else, but their actions showed that they saw me as an ego boost.
I’m fortunate enough to have influences in my life that exposed the truth about situations such as these. My dad is the biggest one next to God. I remember when I was younger my dad used to take my sister and I out on “dates”. He would ask “Where would you like to go? You name it, we’ll go there!” Usually I would ask if we could go to McDonald’s (yea, that was before I knew the caloric intake of french fries!) and then to the book store where he would buy me various books that usually had something to do with horses. He basically treated my sister and I like princesses. At the end of the date he would say “Now that’s how a young man should treat you!”
I am sad to say that the number of fathers who are willing to do this for their daughters are dwindling. Because of my dad, I can say that I’ve been able to avoid a lot of heart ache, but this song is for the girls who have not had that convenience. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that someday this song will be able to help them.