It's Enchanting to Meet You!

 So this is my first blog! And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably reading this thinking “Oh no. Not another teenage girl who is about to bombard my computer screen with pointless posts about her love life - or lack there of. Yeeaaah…” - and *click* off you go to check your Facebook, or twitter, or whatever you’re signing into these days! I admit, I have wondered what I could possibly say that would be worth while. Although my friends affectionately tease my about how my life is “so much like a soap opera!” I will - for your sake - spare you the details!

I have decided to go about this whole blog thing from a different angle.  
        In case you didn’t already waste 10 seconds of your life reading the “About Me” section of my profile, I am a 17 year old Singer/Songwriter. Songwriting is my outlet, it gives me a voice and I thank God for my ability to do it! I don’t know about you, but when I listen to my favorite songs I always wonder what was going on in the artists life, what made them write this song. I think most people like the know the background of a song and what it’s true “meaning” is. Of course, part of composing a good song is leaving it open for translation but there is always that curiosity… At least that’s how it is for me!
         Anyway- getting back to my point! The idea of my future posts will be centered around my original music. I’ll go into more detail about what the song is really about, what happened to make me write it, who was it written for (if it was in fact written for anyone), and so on so forth!
If you haven’t heard my music, I hope you’ll check out my YouTube account. If you’ve heard my music, I hope you like it! If you like my music, well - I hope you read my blog! Thank you for your time, and from the words of the Great Taylor Swift: It was enchanting to meet you!